Angelic Guidance Practioner Certification Course

(AAEP Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner 2010)

What Can I Expect From My Angels?

We are all gifted with guardian angels from a Higher Power when we are born. They are beings of pure love and light who wish to assist us in making our lives a little easier. Their main goal is our happiness  and contentment!

When you receive an angel reading, the guidance is coming through from your guardian angels, to the readers guardian angels, and then it is presented to you through the reader and from within the cards.

Our angels use different methods to assist us in releasing and clearing our energy so that we can open ourselves up to the universal flow of positive energy and manifestation. In an angel reading you’ll learn techniques to protect your energy, release fear blocks, and move firmly into NOW energy.

What Are Some Things I Can Expect to Learn?

We live in a fast paced world that values technology and hails Google as the place with all the answers. We forget that sometimes, the answers that we’re seeking come from within.  Building a connection between you and your angels, opening that bridge of communication, will create a flow of energy that will alter and heal your life, allowing you to see the lessons that we are given, and showing you how to clearly move forward down your life’s path. In this class you will learn how to develop and trust your natural healing and intuitive abilities, how to easily communicate with your guardian angels and the archangels, how to read and clear auras, how to perform professional angel card readings, and so much more.

You will take an in-depth look at chakras and how they connect to our everyday experiences, and discover how working with them will open not only your energy, but also your life. We will also touch on past life healing and talk about the art of mediumship.

This class focus’ strongly on connecting to our angels by going within and first connecting with ourselves, we will work on grounding our energy and pulling ourselves fully into the moment in order to create deeper, and stronger, connections with the angelic realm.

I’m Searching for an Introduction to my Angels

Are you searching for a way to build a deeper, stronger connection with your angels? Try our Connecting with your Angels course.

In this course you will discover how to clearly connect with the Angelic Realm. You’ll learn how to interpret the guidance that they send us daily, and how to communicate back.

Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of angels a place where being different is excepted, even

encouraged. Allow me and your angels to empower you with the knowledge that you are never truly alone.