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Donna Young has an astrology practice in Calgary, AB. She holds an AA degree in Astrological Arts and Sciences and is an NCGR Level III certified astrologer. She organizes lectures, workshops, and conferences for the local astrology community, and teaches in person in Alberta, as well as online through Kepler College of Astrology.

"Lone Medicine Pipe Man" is from the Kainai (Blood Tribe) of the Blackfoot Confederacy in the Treaty No. 7 region.

Brent shares some ancient teachings on how to make a traditional hand drum that were transferred to him through his grandfather who led a life of spirit, song and ceremony. It was through this traditional oral practice that Brent is able to share some of the Blackfoot stories that were passed down to him on his journey.

Jaki Daniels has been a Natural Healing Arts Practitioner for 27 years. While originally focusing on Herbalism, Aromatherapy, and Classical Chinese Medicine – Five Element Healing, in the late nineties her practice evolved to embrace the indigenous medicine-woman healing ways. Having apprenticed in ceremonial protocol with Cree Elder Fishwoman for 14 years she is now acknowledged as a Pipe Carrier and Lodge Keeper (sweat lodge), hosting community ceremonies on a regular basis, helping others to re-connect with their inner nature, the world, and the divine. Jaki offers her unique gifts through her healing practice, teaching, and writing. Her first book, Heeding the Call, was released in 2007, and her second book, The Medicine Path, in 2014.

Jaki is the creator of the Sacred Aromatherapy Course offered here at Country Garden Crystals as well as a co-founder of the Kaheeyu Mountain Institute in Calgary.

Sylvie is a Shamanic and Five Element Practitioner.

You can contact Sylvie at 403-813-4208 or

‘Sylvie is a Natural Healing Arts Practitioner and Teacher. As a practitioner, Sylvie uses an array of time-honoured natural healing techniques such as Classical Chinese Medicine/Five Element Balancing or Shamanic Healing methods, at times supported by Aromatherapy to provide additional support to the spirit and the healing process. Sylvie is also a certified Reiki Master.

Using these holistic techniques according to the need, Sylvie helps clients regain their elemental balance at all levels: mental, spiritual and physical. Chinese Classical Medicine considers that most physical problems are a manifestation of a spiritual/mental un-ease (distress signals) and therefore heal when our inner self feels better. Regaining balance usually translates into feeling more in harmony with our own self and our surroundings. The changes are profound, reaching parts of our lives we might not even be aware needed help. 

In 2014, Sylvie co-founded with Jaki Daniels and Maureen Durant the Kaheeyu Mountain Institute which aim is to bridge the worlds of ancient and modern, art and science, energy and matter.

"Charlene began her journey when she was 15 years old, quickly becoming a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner with Cindy Smith AEP/ATP by age 16 in 2010, continuing on in the Spring of 2011  becoming an Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AAEP). In 2012 she developed her own one day Connecting with your Angels Course, and in 2014 she developed and ran her first 4 Day Angelic Guidance Practitioners Certification (AGP) Course. Charlene has also studied and completed the Angelic Healing Certification course in 2014 with Maureen Durant , and is now co-teaching an Ignite Your Intuition workshop. 

We're also proud to say that June 4th, 2016, was the official launch day of her first CD; Lotus and Grounding Meditation, which was created out of her desire to help people who have limited time connect to their own energy and chakras, in less than 10 minutes. 

Testimonials Testimonials

Maureen joined Country Garden Crystals back in 2010, introducing the first of many classes to our space. Her healing journey started in 2006, when she took her very first Usui Reiki class. This sparked a passion within, that has since led her down a path of self-discovery, re-invention, and constant learning - which in turn, created a desire to share those teachings with others.  

Maureen received  Reiki I & II in the Spring of 2006, later that year completed Advanced Reiki Training and Masters from Jennifer Ash.  

In spring 2007 she received Karuna Practitioner Training and finished her Karuna Masters training in 2008 also with Jennifer Ash.  Throughout 2009 she went on to study and complete her masters in Lightarian Reiki with Heather Brigley.  In 2014 she flew to Hana, Maui, US and re-certified in Karuna Masters from William Lee Rand.  In 2015, she re-certified in Holy Fire Usui Masters with Laurelle Shanti Gaia and completed Reiki Drumming with Michael Baird that same year.  In 2016 she re-certified in Holy Fire II Usui and Karuna with William Lee Rand.

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In addition to staying up to date with her Reiki Training, Maureen completed shamanic healing training with Jaki Daniels and Angelic Healing Practitioner with Heather Brigley in 2010.  In 2016, she completed a 3 year training program called the Medicine Path which is a system of 5 Element Healing based on Classical Chinese medicine with Jaki Daniels.

In 2014, Maureen co-founded the Kaheeyu Mountain Institute with Jaki Daniels and Sylvie Boustie, the Institute’s aim is to bridge the worlds of ancient and modern, art and science, energy and matter.

Charlene has been doing angel card readings on a professional level since the age of 16 both here at Country Garden Crystals as well as private gatherings and shows.