Developed by Jeannine Marie Jelm in 1997, Lightarian Reiki attunes students to higher realms of Reiki Ray Energies. It is unlike both Usui and Karuna in that it is passed solely through a series of 4 attunements over a period of 4 months. There are no symbols and the teachings are simple. What the Lightarian attunements do is to help speed you along your path of spiritual growth and help you connect to a higher, more refined vibrational level Reiki Energy. Students often experience becoming one with the Energy vs channelling a seperate energy, yet client feed back is amazing. Students learn how to create a unique healing chamber for their healing work and learn to connect differently with their clients in order to provide distance healing without using any symbols.

Lightarian Reiki can be taught privately or in a class environment.

Instructor Maureen Durant

Lightarian Reiki Attunments

Pre-requisite: Karuna Reiki Master Level or Usui Master Level + Buddhic boost Attunement