Practitioner Testimonials

Hello Laura & Char,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note in which I wanted to share with others my experience of having a few readings done with Char.

Char's readings are extensive and RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! (no pun intended - haha)!! Do not let her young age fool you into thinking she does not have the life experience to share a reading that is timely, and more than helpful!!!l! I can review the notes she has made for me for each reading either weeks or months later where they are  still pertinent and of tremendous value and benefit!!

I have had readings with many professionals over the years and to date I have to say Char is my absolute favorite! Why? She is ALWAYS accurate and detailed, and what I love is that she has a plethora of information and guidance which she beautifully breaks down  into an easy to understand manner. She takes the time to carefully listen to ones concerns and questions and as a result, communicates with an ease and understanding that  allows you to effortlessly follow and learn from all she has to share, teach and offer. She continually shares ideas and helpful  hints to make things just a little easier  in this journey we call life. I have learned much and have felt upon many occasion reassured by the words and messages shared from this young Titan!! She is wise beyond her years and I appreciate and encourage her to continue sharing her gifts and multitude of natural abilities!! Thanks Char...I'll be back!!