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Charlene Money - Angel Card Reader

We are all born with guardian angels who surround and protect us throughout our lives. They are constantly sending us guidance, but more often then not, we seem to miss the signs. An angel reading is an opportunity for your angels to send you direct guidance around any area of your life. You may have specific questions (for ex. what is the next step in my life, should I change careers, am I on my life's path, etc.) or we can do your life in general, where many topics will be touched upon. Together we will also discover a few of the many ways your angels are talking to you daily, so you can continue to receive guidance long after the reading!

Reading Professionally since 2010

Created the Connecting with your Angels workshop 2013 Developed the Angelic Guidance Practitioner 4 Day Certification program in 2014 Released her Lotus Chakra Clearing Meditation CD  2016


Maureen is a Medicine Path practitioner which is a style of healing that combines the wisdom and use of ‘medicines’ in the indigenous sense, with an ancient and highly developed and complex system of medicine that originated in China.  This method is often referred to as Classical Chinese Medicine – 5 Element Healing.  It is based in the laws of nature, the cycles of life, and the flow of life-force energy within the meridian or energy pathways.  These meridians provide the foundation of our functional support on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.      

She offers a series of regularly scheduled hands on treatments which specifically influence the innate healing capacities and animating life-force within a person, serving to re-establish health and well-being.  Our life-force energy (sometimes called chi or ki), which all living beings possess, fuels and animates every aspect of who we are, from our physical organs and systems, to clear functioning of the mind, and the joyful and compassionate nature of our spirit.   With regular treatments, life force energy begins to restore to its full flow and the patient returns to wellness.  Healing sessions can also be used as a preventative health care which help keep physical systems tuned, emotions balanced, mental healing in check,  intuition sharp, and spirits happy and at peace.

Maureen is a certified Holy Fire Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, a Lightarian Reiki Master, as well as an Angelic Healing Practitioner, and a Shamanic Healing Practitioner.

Services offered:

In addition to personal healing services, Maureen also works with clearing or healing homes, businesses and land.  Helping to restore a natural balance and energetically support those that live there.

To contact Maureen: 403-510-5284 or 

In 2014, Maureen co-founded with Jaki Daniels and Sylvie Boustie the Kaheeyu Mountain Institute which aim is to bridge the worlds of ancient and modern, art and science, energy and matter.

Sylvie is a Natural Healing Arts Practitioner and Teacher. As a practitioner, Sylvie uses an array of time-honoured natural healing techniques such as Classical Chinese Medicine/Five Element Balancing or Shamanic Healing methods, at times supported by Aromatherapy to provide additional support to the spirit and the healing process. Sylvie is also a certified Reiki Master.

Using these holistic techniques according to the need, Sylvie helps clients regain their elemental balance at all levels: mental, spiritual and

 physical. Chinese Classical Medicine considers that most physical problems are a manifestation of a spiritual/mental un-ease (distress signals) and therefore heal when our inner self feels better. Regaining balance usually translates into feeling more in harmony with our own self and our surroundings. The changes are profound, reaching parts of our lives we might not even be aware needed help. 

In 2014, Sylvie co-founded with Jaki Daniels and Maureen Durant the Kaheeyu Mountain Institute which aim is to bridge the worlds of ancient and modern, art and science, energy and matter.

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