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Bauble Bags - Hope & Humility

Blown Glass - Kitras

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Bracelet Fairy - Fairy Fasteners

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Crystal Singing Bowls

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Garden Stones - Large Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz

Gemstone Carvings

Gemstone Lamps - Amethyst/Calcite/Clear Quartz/Fluorite/Rose Quartz/Selenite etc.

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Geodes - Amethyst/Citrine/

Feng Shui Balls

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Smudging Supplies - Abalone Shells, Feathers, variety of Sage Bundles, Sweetgrass, Copal, Palo Santo, Sage Spray

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Sterling Silver & Gemstone Jewelery – Pendants/Earrings/Bracelets

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Teething Necklaces & Bracelets

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