An in-depth and unique aromatherapy training program designed by Jaki. This program is offered in two components: the Basic Level  (10 weeknight classes/Sylvie/Crossfield), and Practitioner Training (6 day -long classes/Jaki/Calgary ).

Course Description: Flowers, incense, perfume and essential oils – the aromatics of our world are one of the most precious gifts of Nature. They enhance our lives in a variety of ways, from simple pleasures to complex medicine. The science of aromatherapy is to identify the chemical componentsof each oil, which defines their therapeutic applications. The art of aromatherapy is to know the “heart” of the aromatic components of each plant, to understand their character and nature, the unique gifts that each plant offers, and the type of people who can most benefit from using them.

The Basic Level (Level I) focuses on two key aspects of aromatherapy :

1 ) Developing a deep understanding of 10 essential oils and where possible, the plants they are sourced from. This exploration will be unique in that we will be guided by the inherent wisdom in the plants themselves. As a result, we will be able to discern their most potent applications. Our vehicles into the heart of the medicine will be personal experience, intuitive knowing, and the shamanic journey.

2) The practical considerations of using essential oils as medicine, which includes methods of administration, dosages, safety considerations, etc.

Practitioner training (Level II) is designed to take the basic knowledge and put it into practice. Whether or not you are interested in taking the steps to become a practitioner or not, your deep understanding of the essential oils can help many of the people around you; friends, family , pets, etc. when you know Jaki Daniels and Sy lvie Boustie how to use the oils effectively and safely .


The Art of Aromatherapy: A Personal Journey into the Heart of the Medicine

Sacred Aromatherapy - 10 Week Program

With Jaki Daniels and Sylvie Boustie  

Jaki Daniels is a Natural Healing Arts Practitioner, Teacher, Writer, and Spiritual Elder who has been using aromatherapy in her healing practise for over 20 years.

Sylvie Boustie is a Shamanic and Five Element Practitioner who finds aromatherapy an efficient, supportive and fascinating component of her healing practice.