Shamanic Healing Methods, such as Intrusive Energy Removal and Soul Retrieval, are powerful and timeless healing methods that have been used by traditional medicine people all over the world.

Part I: Extraction and Intrusive Energies:

In this class you will learn about a variety of energetic influences, or intrusive energies, that can be compromising a client on some level: physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. With guidance and support from your teachers, and through experiential learning, you will discover how to identify these energies, and how to use your natural healing gifts or tools to safely clear them.

Part II: Soul Retrieval:

Soul loss can occur as a result of various traumas, such as accidents, violence, stress, or from emotional turmoil. It is a natural way of protecting ourselves so that we can continue on with life despite the trauma that has occurred. Soul retrieval has traditionally been used as a healing approach to recover from these life traumas, to help us move forward. In this class you will learn about the different types of soul loss situations, why it’s important to bring those pieces back, and how to safely and effectively do so, using our individual healing gifts. We will also spend time in a group setting practicing, so that you feel comfortable using this amazing healing technique.

Instructors Maureen Durant and Sylvie Boustie ~ Shamanic and Medicine Path Practitioners

Shamanic Healing Methods

Pre-requisite: Experience with journeying, including with working with your Power Animal and other guides and teachers, and an interest with helping others with their healing journey