Workshop Testimonials

"Maureen is an amazing teacher, healer, mentor and friend.  Her teaching style is passionate, forgiving and thorough.  She has always made time for me and all of my "extra" questions and when she doesn't have an answer herself, she seeks to find one and never forgets about you like my previous experiences.  Her classes are fun, interesting and very eye opening.  She always attracts a creative, intuitive, and friendly group of peers to work with and learn from.  I have cherished and enjoyed my time with Maureen more than she will ever know and her kind heart and vast knowledge has forever changed my life, so effortlessly for her I am sure.  Maureen never holds back teachings or knowledge and always does her best to nurture each individual's gifts and tools.  I feel extremely blessed to know Maureen and be a part of her circle.  Thank you for everything!"

 In Gratitude, Sarah Grant

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“Last night's class was fantastic. I feel amazing today and actually feel a happy earth chakra ... I think that’s possible ... and sooooo grounded. I was telling Ross about it this morning and the more I talked about it the more I started to understand and look at different parts of my story and what it was showing me ... amazing!  I LOVE my buffalo!!

The energy I feel is amazing ... and it's not only because it's Friday!  Can't wait for the next class. I truly needed this experience. :)”


 “I just wanted to pass a long a huge thank you to Charlene!  Last night’s class of Connecting With Your Angels was truly amazing and extremely inspirational!!Charlene made it so easy to connect it was incredible.  I have been looking and looking for this type of course to take, as I have been guided to use my intuition, and one of the biggest things was for me to get back to where I felt comfortable to connect again.  And that was completely accomplished last night.”

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Hello Laura & Charlene

Again, thank you Charlene, you are truly gifted, and it is greatly appreciated that you take time out of your busy schedule/life to share your gift & passion as you do with everyone.  And thank you Laura for having such a beautiful place for all of us to go to enjoy and grow with all of our interests and passions.

Heidi R.

“I had the opportunity to take “The Art of Aromatherapy” course taught by Sylvie Boustie.  The class was absolutely amazing.  With Sylvie’s guidance we developed a very unique relationship with each oil we studied.  The teachings she offered were so insightful.   Not only did I learn so much from Sylvie but I learned from my fellow classmates.  Sharing our individual teachings from spirit was not only informative but validating.   I will never think about essential oils the same again.  If you want to deepen your understanding and relationship with essential oils I highly recommend this class.”